The conference consists of nine thematic symposia with invited or contributed talks and posters.Each symposium is prepared by two organizers who have invited the speakers and selected the contributed presentations. Durations of the talks may vary depending on a symposium. Each talk includes 5 min of discussion (or 3 min in the case of short 15 min talks). The posters from all symposia will be presented together during a joint poster session. To view a symposium program, click on its title in the list (coming soon).

Active colloids (Samuel Sánchez, Holger Stark)  
Active biological matter (Francesc Sagués, Markus Bär)
Cell migration and tissues (Jaume Casademunt, Carsten Beta)
Control of self-organization (Eckehard Schöll, Oliver Steinbock)
Fluctuation far from equilibrium (José María Sancho, Igor Sokolov)
Nanoscale patterns and nanomachines (Alexander Mikhailov, Ray Kapral) 
Synchronization (Katharina Krischer, Harald Engel) 
Chemical networks (M. Angeles Serrano, Jürgen Kurths)
Biological self-organization (Jordi García-Ojalvo, Martin Falcke)

Plenary Speakers
Prof. I. Epstein, Brandeis University
Prof. J.F. Joanny, ESPCI Paris

Confirmed Invited Speakers
Prof. T. Alarcón, Centre Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) Barcelona
Prof. T. Ando, Kanazawa University
 Prof. G. Aromí, Institut de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia Universitat de Barcelona (IN2UB)
Prof. A. De Wit, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Prof. L. Giomi, Leiden University
Prof. Hyun Youk, TU Delft
Prof. M. Ibañes, Universitat de Barcelona
Prof. J. Ignés-Mullol, Universitat Barcelona
Prof. J. Jaeger, Konrad Lorenz Institute
Prof. I. Z. Kiss, Sant Louis University
Prof. K. Kruse, Université de Geneve
Prof. B. Lindner, Universität Von Humboldt
Prof. H. Löwen, Universität Düsseldorf
Prof. Martin Ziegler, Universität zu Kiel
Prof. F. Peruani, Université de Nice
Prof. F. Ritort, Universitat de Barcelona
Prof. A. Sen, Penn State University
Prof. J. Solon, Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) Barcelona
Prof. J. F. Totz, TU Berlin
Prof. C. Van den Broeck, Hasselt University
Prof. Serhiy Yanchuk, TU Berlin, Germany
Prof. Gorka Zamora-López, Universitat Pompeu Fabra