Posters preparation guidelines

The posters will be displayed on poster walls during the poster session. We recommend that posters will be printed in portrait format fitting an A0 format (88 cm wide, 120 cm long).

The poster board is double-sided with one presentation on each side. Your assigned number will be posted on the poster board. Mounting materials (boards and pins) will be provided by the Conference Organization. Each author is responsible for assembly and removal of his/her own presentation. If you require assistance with mounting or removing your poster, please notify the Conference Organization.

During the poster session (June 20th, 17-19h) the poster presenters are requested to be available to discuss their research with the conference attendees. The poster should be designed to summarize current research in graphic forms. For easy identification, provide a poster heading, listing its title and author(s), identical to that performed on the abstract submission platform. Presentations should be self-explanatory so that the author is free to supplement and discuss particular points.
A Poster distinction will be awarded to the best poster presented during the meeting.